Irish jewellery designer Jill Graham studied Silversmith and Jewellery at Loughborough University. During her study, Jill completed an apprenticeship with a Goldsmiths in Derry.

After graduating in 2002, Jill went on to work for a Belfast company called Craftworks. Spending a year with this company, she learnt about various aspects of jewellery design. This included everything from designing and making jewellery as well as the business side of running and building a business.

“My time as a apprentice was invaluable; this gave me the practical, hands on skills that I needed to transform my designs into actual pieces of jewellery. The degree course was more design focused with less emphasis on practical skills.”


Crafting a Brand

Since then she has worked as a self employed artist and jeweller. Among her finest moments has been in 2013 when she was commissioned to make and present lapel pins to the world leaders attending the G8 summit of that year.

Jill’s fascination of organic structures are used to inform her unique contemporary jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes stress the qualities of the inclusions of texture and form. She draws inspiration from surface treatment of nature, and elements of plant life where patterns made can make the most beautiful designs.

Her earlier background in textile design has also inspired her unique style of contemporary design. In fact, her first experience with metals came from adopting a pattern of incorporating metals into her textile designs, and it is evident in all pieces from conception that the jewellery is minimal and fundamental. Using specialist machinery, she creates exquisite pieces with the finest detail and meshwork to achieve an intricate and textured look in all her designs. Thus, through the construction process, complexity is built in to the piece from layering and mixing precious metals.

You can find
Jill Graham’s work at selected galleries and shops around Ireland and the UK. She currently maintains a studio in the Mourne Mountains, Co Down.